Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wet N Wild

Our neighbors and friends invited us to Wet N Wild last weekend. I was a little worried that my kids were too young but I was so wrong! They had a blast! They went on every ride but one and daddy wouldn't let them go on that one. They were so fearless!

Michael had a life jacket on for the first ride. Mike was afraid he wasn't tall enough but he was.
Michael and Annie
Annie had to wear a life jacket because she wasn't 48 inches tall yet.
My little Annie was the bravest and most fearless of all! She was wild!

The kids didn't stop running all day long. We went with 3 other families. They were laughing because they didn't see our family all day. They didn't stop once. My legs and shoulders were so sore from climbing stairs and running up ramps and carrying rafts and tubes. The kids had to have been exhausted! It was a silent ride home!
This ride was the most awesome ride of the day! The kids called it the toilet. Four people could ride on a big raft at a time. The stinky part was you had to carry the raft up 10 flights of stairs. The raft weighed 40 lbs! I did it so much I couldn't walk anymore so Jakob and Anthony started hitching ride with other friends. (Mikes afraid of heights and is claustrophobic so he wasn't going anywhere near this ride.) I watched at the bottom. The beginning of the ride was a huge dark tube. The lifeguard pushes you down and makes sure your raft is spinning, the worst is if you are the 2 people going backwards. Then there is a 20 foot drop into the toilet bowel shown in the picture.
When Michael went down the first time he told me he really thought he was going to die, then he asked if he could go again. Hahahaha. When Jake went the first time he sat across from me and I watched his face, it was absolute terror! He was so scared but he got off and went back up with us. He sat down on the raft and then got up again and said he wasn't going to do it anymore. He walked down all 10 flights of stairs and waited at the bottom. He ended up going at least 10 more times later in the day.
Annie really, really wanted to go but you had to be 48 inches. She is about 45-46 inches tall. I told her she could go up with us and see if the lifeguard would let her on. He didn't and she was so, so sad. She sat up there and waited with him until I walked back up to get her. It was sad how disappointed she was.

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