Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Forgotten Birthday Files

This was their happy birthday before the birthday pictures. We got the kids body boards for their birthday present. I took them to the beach a few days before their birthday.

Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob and Annie


There they go!

Our friends Madyson and Kadence came to play too. 

Jaileigh and Annie

Jaileigh decided to roll down the hill.

There she does and Annie ran.

She was a mess.

The 3 boys go out.

2 are down.

Here comes Michael.

Jakob and Anthony are looking at each other thinking, "What just happened? Why did Michael catch that wave?"

Michael is excited!

The 3 boys.

Anthony and Michael

Anthony with the other two behind him,

Anthony and a friend that he made. 

Michael and Jakob

Annie just entertains herself. 

I love this series with Jakob

Hi Mom!

Our friend Logan came to play with us. 

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