Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tarantula Hike

It is Tarantula mating season here at the Santa Rosa Plateau. We went with the boy scouts in our ward on the Tarantula Hike. Jaileigh missed it because she had cheerleading. It was a lot of fun. It was quite a hike. I was worried Annie wasn't going to make it. The boys ran the whole way, up and down and all around. I think we saw 8 tarantulas along the way. The boys even found a dead one. Anthony picked it up and brought it home so he could show his teacher at school.

Starting out the hike. A lot of little kids!

Mason found a garden spider. 

First tarantula.

Annie got scared and ran back to me.

Cute picture on the bridge.

Another one.

Mason showing the rest of the kids how it's done.

I love Michael's face.

Anthony and Jakob

Little Elijah. He told me later he was so scared! 

Anthony holding it.


On the head.

Down the face.

I love this face!

On the head.

Down the face.

It was a gorgeous hike!

All done!

Our little group.

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