Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boys Date Night

I get to help in the kids 1st grade class on Fridays. It is so fun to see them interact with their teacher. She is amazing with them! She doesn't get frustrated with their crazy antics and actually seems to enjoy them.Friday afternoons she does music with all the 1st grade classes.

Jaileigh got to help lead. 

Jakob playing and not paying attention at all. 


Michael wooing the ladies. 

On Saturday Jaileigh had a birthday party to go to. We dropped her off, left Annie at home with our friend Alyssa (Annie's choice) and took the boys to Chili's. It was great to spend time with just the boys. 




In the car.

See Michael's lovely snaggle tooth. 

It fell out the next day at a birthday party. 

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