Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jake Again

Once again Jake is in the doctor office.  He was on an antibiotic and broke out in a rash. The doctor wanted to see him to make sure it was an antibiotic allergy rash. He's already allergic to amoxicillin so his choices of drug families are limited if this turns out to be a drug allergy as well. The humidity and heat have been terrible lately and have been making his rash so much worse.

Annie came with us. We chcked Jake out of school early to make his appointment.
Weird rash, not hives though.
The doctor said that it was follicular papillary urticarial, 99% of the time not caused from antibiotic allergy. He said its usually a reaction to a bug bite. I'm to give him Benadryl until he clears up. Once it's clear the doctor wants me to keep him home from school and give him the antibiotic again and watch what happens. He said if its from the antibiotic he will break out right away and may have a respiratory reaction as well. If it was a bug allergy then the antibiotics won't hurt him.

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