Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5th Iron Chef Grill Fest

Our neighbor throws an Iron Chef Grill Fest for our neighborhood each Labor Day weekend. We can invite family and friends but it isn't open to the public. Anyone who has been invited can compete in the competition. Mike made chicken this year since we have 80 lbs of chicken in our freezer. It was so delicious! He got 4th place. They also had little side competition for desserts and I got 1st place! Whooo Hoooo for both of us! I made Giada's Pomegranate Mint Sorbet. It was perfect for such a hot day!

These pictures are courtesy of our friend at Scenes and Creations, Kevin. He always takes the best pictures.

All the Iron Grill contestants. The secret ingredient this year was Agave or Agave Tequila. Mike made Smoked Chicken Breasts with a Agave Glaze and Magic Dust.

Mikes yummy chicken "Yard Bird"
The 1st place winner- Porquila bites
Best friends- Annie and Matthew.

Annie, Katie and Jaileigh with their sno-cones. Someone had an industrial size ice shaver and I found Jelly Belly flavoring at the Dollar Store.

Mike and I
My hat looks so goofy but I didn't get burned!
A group photo.
Group silly photo
The winners for the dessert competition with DJ Kham photobombing in the corner.
Playing boxes
At the end of the day at near dusk DJ Kham put on a little dance show with the kids. It was so much fun! We all laughed and laughed and laughed!
Dance time!
A little breakdancing with Anthony
Annie, Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony
It was 95 degrees. I have no clue why Jake and Anthony put pants on. Funny kids!
Annie and Jaileigh
Gangnam Style

DJ Kham!

Michael's handstand
Tiny dancers, Matthew and Annie
Do NOT cross the line!
Anthony, Jakob and Matthew
Jaileigh's handstand but Michaels face is awesome.
Antony, Jaileigh and Sammy
Kham is quite the entertainer. He is the pied piper.
 Coming soon more pictures from my camera!!!

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