Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hair Bangers Ball!

Our neighbor invited us to an all ages Hairbangers concert last week on 9/11. I admit I was a little nervous taking my 5 little ones. We have been to Josh Groban before and they LOVED it! I was worried about the crowd because the genre is a little different. Tickets were free and so I agreed. They loved it, we all loved it. I think because it was all ages it was family friendly and kid appropriate. We definitely had the youngest kids there but they received a lot of attention from security to musicians to the crowd. So a huge thank you to Justina, who is personal friends to one of the bands, for getting us tickets and inviting us!

Annie riding on shoulders. 
Anthony and Daddy
I love Michaels face. This must have been before we got the earplugs in their ears.
The kids weren't shy at all. Went right up to the stage.
Our friends Nav and Beckam.
Kham with Brionny, Nav and Beckam.
Annie with her daddy.
Michael and Anthony
Taking a break and playing games on phones.
We also had to hunt down snacks- popcorn and pretzels.
Annie had Narm wrapped around her fingers.
Annie, Narm, Jaileigh and mom
Kham and Jaileigh. Kham was her buddy.
The girls.
One of the drummers took a picture with Annie.
mommy and the girls
Daddy with Jaileigh and Michael
The crowd giving high fives.
Kham with all his minions.
Anthony watching the kids play on their parents phone. His parents aren't that nice to give him their phone.
Family photo.
Thanks Justina!

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