Saturday, September 5, 2015

Picture Day Before Pictures

School picture day snuck up on us this year. Daddy had meetings so was out of "town" for work. I ended up making them tardy to school because I had to take pictures in front of the house first. I was able to help with the photographers and got a discount on school pictures. I usually don't buy them because they are so expensive and not great quality. This year we will have small wallet sizes of each of them. Whoo Hooo!

Silly face
Annie ended up crying before school because I made them tardy. She thought she was going to get lunch detention because I used to tell the others kids that last year. I had to leave her with her teacher in tears. Her eyes were swollen and blotchy for her school pictures so it's good I got these before the meltdown!
A retake without the hose in it.
Muscle Man
Sweet Jaileigh with her boots!
Jakeroni! I wouldn't let him wear his knee socks for pictures and he was mad at me.

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