Monday, September 30, 2013

No More Archery In The House!

Sept 27, 2013
My boys love making bows and arrows out of hangers and lincoln logs. They were getting pretty good at shooting them so I kept telling them they couldn't play with them in the house anymore. Of course, no one listens to mom so this is what our nice T.V. looks like now . . . . .

Yep, it's broken. No more picture, just sound. The story the boys told me is Jake did it. hahahahaha! Jake always gets the blame but I think he really did it this time. The full story came out that he shot into the fan and the fan threw the lincoln log(s) into the T.V. Not sure why there is two cracks.
They were in big trouble. The boys were grounded from playing for a week, no T.V. (onviously), and no new costumes for Halloween. They also had to help around the house to earn money to buy a new T.V.  I made Jake call his dad and tell him what happened. Mike handled it really well. I was nervous because he loves the T.V. the most!
The no T.V. rule turned out to be a great thing! The kids have been so creative in their play. They have played with every toy in the toyroom and had so much fun! We didn't watch a lot of TV before but once the TV is gone it seems like you used to watch so much!
One of the things they discovered was the stuffed animal tote. I have a huge tote filled with stuffed animals in the toy room closet. They found it and have had so much fun playing with them. They ask who gave them which one, what it's name is and they have even taken them to show and tell at school.
Annie, Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh and Jake

Jaileigh and Jake
My girls.

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