Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Skateboarding Down The Hills

We brought the kids bikes and skateboards to the RV park. First they rode their bikes around and then they decided they were going to skateboard down the dirt hill. I was a little nervous because they don't know how to skateboard properly but I went along with it. I got the camera, water, stroller, and skateboards and we walked over to the hill.  

The next 3 pictures are from Jaileigh's photography skills.
Me talking to Grandma and wishing her a Happy 29th Birthday!
Anthony getting ready for the hill.
I was so relieved to see that they were going down this way instead of vertically!
Jake and Anthony
There they go. . . 
That was so much fun!!!!!
Anthony giving Annie some advice before he pushes her down the hill.

Mom that was fun!
Jaileighs turn.

My little princess got so dirty!
Michael missed out. He stayed back at the RV to help daddy cook breakfast.
I love his too skinny jeans (Jake's) and his high top shoes that he has decided he does NOT like!

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