Sunday, September 1, 2013

Arrrrrr! Pirate Party!

Labor Day weekend our friend and neighbor had his 4 year birthday party. The kids were so excited! They asked everyday if it was his party yet. The party was a pirate party. They have a pirate water jumper and everything was pirate themed. I'm bummed I didn't take pictures of all the cute stuff. It was like a pinterest site. Very cute and so much fun for the kids. The weather was ridiculous! It was 102 and 95% humidity. Mike and I were drenched and we weren't even swimming.

Anthony and Jaileigh
Michael trying to fill the bucket with water from the sprayer.
Jaileigh actually sprayed me here and got my camera wet.

Annie had a hard time with the crowd. She doesn't like crowds of people that she doesn't know. She wouldn't put her swimsuit on until the very end. It took her that long to warm up.
A blurry Jake but too cute not to put on here.
Michael in trouble.
He wasn't happy to be in time out and he was hungry.
Hannah- the birthday boys sister.
Jaileigh and Sammy (the birthday boy) playing catch.

Annie loves the swings!
Sitting and pondering for a minute.
"But Mom I'm not hungry!" Poor Jake!

Anthony doing a flip.
Landing in the pool at the end.
Michael with some other kids.

Happy Birthday Sammy!
Michael with his pirate sword.
Annie finally got in!

I think Michael is tired!
The kids had so much fun! Thanks for a great time!

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