Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Special Bond

My four oldest children, quadruplets, are so lucky to have the special bond that they have. As they are getting older I have noticed their bond becoming even stronger. Even as they grow more individually, their bond grows with that individuality. I am in awe every time I watch them play together and play with other children. When they were tiny they used to speak "quad talk", a language only they understood, now it seems they don't need words. They are a fine tuned mass unit that flows through life, doing its (their) own thing, yet working together at the same time. I tried to capture a little of this in pictures but it is so hard to capture what is in the heart and spirit. I have been doing a little research on muliples because I have found it so interesting how they interact. Even though Annie is so close to them and they include her in everything, she does not have that bond.  When they get married they are going to have to marry four siblings and all live together!
These pictures are not the best quality but I was trying to catch the fun they have together. The giggles are so enjoyable and contagious!
Trying to carry Anthony.
Annie helping.

Jake was telling everyone what to do. A lot of hand gestures were going on.
Michael, Jaileigh and Anthony
and then they couldn't stop laughing!

They got him up!
These four rugrats are so lucky to have each other!

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