Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Block Party

Our neighbors throw a huge block party every year. Last year was our first year in this neighborhood and we missed it because we were camping. This year we attended and boy was it huge! The whole block was blocked off, there were easy-ups and chairs everywhere, BBQer's and smokers under every easy-up, an Iron Chef competition, and a huge water jumper for the kids. They were so excited!

Annie, Michael and Jake climbing the ladder up the huge jumper.
Jakob in the corner hiding. He would sit there and get warm and then he would play until he got cold again. It was 105 degrees outside so I don't know how he was cold!
Michael and Jakob
The first time I saw Annie go down I screamed and ran over as fast as I could. The slope of the slide was so steep and long that she didn't even touch the slide until the bottom! She came up laughing! She thought it was so much fun. She went non-stop for 2 hours.

One of our other neighbors, Suzy, helping her daughter, Hannah, down the slide.
She loved it!

Sammy (neighbor) and Michael
That was all the pictures I took because that is all we did. We socialized too but the jumper monopolized our time. They had so much fun!

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