Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trailer Park Kids

Our last day camping was on Sunday. Uncle Joe came up from Las Vegas so we got to go home to play with him.

Feeding the ducks one last time.

Jakob and Michael
Annie and Anthony- I love his hands on his hips.
Jaileigh still practicing her skateboarding.
Anthony fell after the train ride and hit his head on the bottom step. He was being a little turd and pulled away from me, slipped and fell. A lady ran and got him ice. While I was taking care of him Jake took Annie over to the swings, helped her in the baby swing, did her seat belt up and then pushed her. It was the sweetest thing!

Eating ice cream. . .Michael
My twins- Anthony and Jaileigh
Daddy, Jake and Annie
Swinging again.
She crashed.

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AndreaB said...

Hi Amber!
I've been a longtime blog reader. I've loved seeing the kids grow up! So, I was looking on a friend's friend's photography blog, and I saw a candid shot of your two girls! I saw Annie's curly hair, and was like, I recognize that little girl! And then I look at the girl next to her, and was like, and that's Jaileigh! It was at the Kamas Rodeo back in July. Here's the link so you can see: http://rosemarycardfilmandphotography.blogspot.com/2013/07/kamas-fiesta-days-rodeo.html
It was so random, but they look so cute! Just wanted to pass it on to you =]]