Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Bees First Game

The kids had their first baseball game on September 21. Their team is the Bees. We were still camping but we were local so we were able to make it. They looked so cute! It was so much fun to watch them.

Anthony, Michael and Jakob with another little kid.
Going along with typical Jaileigh baseball, she missed the first part of the game because she got eaten alive by big, nasty ants. I had to run her home to get some medicine. She was such a trooper and wanted to come back to play. As soon as we got back it was her turn to bat. She had about 30 ant bites on her legs. Poor girl!

Dad helping in the infield.

Annie eating her Popsicle in the dug out.




Anthony running to 3rd base.


The boys- game over!


Some pictures I took with my phone.
Dad with his 4 ducklings following him. 
Anthony #2
Michael #3
Jakob #4
The crash after the party.
A bad picture of the ant bites on one of Jaileigh's legs.
Dad got ant bites on his arms when he was trying to get the ants off of Jaileigh's legs. His arm swelled so bad he looked deformed. Finally on Sunday he took an allergy pill and the swelling went away.

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