Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yellow and Bill

The kids are having Color Weeks at school. For the next two weeks they have a color of the day and they are supposed to wear that color. Today, Wednesday, was yellow! We are all wearing yellow in honor of school and Zachary Gordon because whenever we wear our yellow the kids always ask about the little boy that drowned.

Today was such a crazy day! I volunteered at school, didn't have a sitter for Annie so had to take her with me, took Jaileigh (and the other 4 kids) to ballet, picked up Mike, drove to Rancho to visit Bill and Gina and then drove home, all with NO naps! It was a long, long, long day!!!!

Playing in the ball pit at Bill and Gina's house.
I guess you never outgrow some things.
Bill reading a story to the boys.
Sadly, I was negletful with the camera. Sorry! I was actually happy I got the three pictures I did!

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