Monday, September 16, 2013

New RV

When we went to Rancho Cucamonga on Wednesday our daddy was picking up a "new" RV for the family. I don't know if I posted or not but we sold our last one. I was pretty upset and didn't want to talk about losing it. We had so many memories in that RV and I was so sad to let it go. We blew another motor on it (the 4th one) and decided it wasn't worth fixing anymore. Mike found us one that we could afford with the money we sold the other one for and a little of his bonus money. The kids asked all the time when we were going to go camping again and they were sooooooo excited to finally be able to go again! They were actually really obnoxious because they were so excited.

Happy as clams!
Jake, Anthony, Michael and Jaileigh
I can't believe she is old enough to know this obnoxious trick.

Watch out ladies! Those baby blues will melt anybodies heart!

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