Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Did It Again!

Another successful photo shoot!

We got our pictures from Allie (you can also friend her on facebook)! I am so excited. Everytime we get them I swear they are the best yet. She is such an excellent photographer. I love her! Here is a little sample of what she did. This post I will give you most of the family pictures. The next post(s) I will do the kids individual pictures. Enjoy!

Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jake and Annie

I LOVE her face and the fact that Jake does too!

"Mom we are done!"

I hate to say this but feel that with all the crazies out there I must. All of these pictures are copyrighted so please DO NOT COPY or STEAL! I have not watermarked them because I am still a trusting soul. If you need a copy please let me know and I will personally email it to you. Thank you!!



Holy Cow- those are awesome! Beautiful! Kami :)

Kimberly said...

You really do always have the BEST pics! And you are so beautiful Amber. I love to see the family pics. You have such a gorgeous family.

Kari said...

Your pictures always come out so great...it must be the beautiful family they have to work with! I especially love the one with you guys in the door and the kids on the step. I can't wait to see the individual shots!

Karmann and Ryan said...

You have the CUTEST family EVER!!!! Love these photos!! You are right they just keep getting better and better!!!! XOXOXO!!!! Send me you newest address so we can send you a XMAS card!!!

Sara said...

Great pictures!!!!! Amazing!!!