Friday, November 11, 2011

Love, Yale House

For nearly four years now, Amber’s kept us updated on the adventures of the DeMaria family. But on her birthday, some of her former co-workers (with the help of Rori) wanted to take the opportunity to say a little something about Amber…

We met Amber DeMaria, the science teacher, five years ago when we started working together as a team of teachers (Yale House) at San Gorgonio High School. As a teacher, Mrs. DeMaria was very patient and did not let her frustrations or irritations with the students show. Mrs. D was resourceful, and had a magic drawer in her file cabinet filled with all sorts of fun activities and foldables. Mrs. DeMaria was very creative and anytime anything needed to be decorated, designed, or written with pretty writing, she was the first one we went to. Mrs. D was also the cool science teacher that had her students dissect animals… and she enjoyed it as much as they did. Mrs. DeMaria was full of energy, painting her classroom by herself, and organizing and coordinating our school’s health fair while pregnant with quads!

After she had the quads, Amber took on the new role of motherhood with gusto. She completely embraced the idea of being a quad mom. While many would have been overwhelmed upon finding out they were having multiples, Amber laughed when she heard the news. Amber seems to have endless patience with her children, even when she’s tired and they’ve decided to take eggs from the refrigerator to play with or load the toilet with toilet paper. She disciplines her kids, yet never takes her frustrations out on them. Amber is very resourceful when playing with her kids and keeping them entertained with creative and artistic activities. The energy Amber had as a teacher is nothing compared to the bottomless pit of energy she calls on daily as the mother of five children.

Even before she had children, we admired how much Amber’s family meant to her. When a fire broke out near her home in Crestline, she left school to drive up the mountain. When she was stopped, she got out and walked several miles in flip flops to her house to get her photo albums and pictures. With her husband and five children, nothing means more to her than her family.

We’ve enjoyed reading The DeMaria Family blog and watching the kids grow. And we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Amber in all that she does for her family.

Just as Amber has done with her family members, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Things We Love About Amber DeMaria (in no particular order):

1. Mountain Dew – and her selfless sacrifice of the beloved drink when she became pregnant.

2. Her “nappy” hair – what her students loved most about her.

3. Timing her arrival to meetings and trainings just right to avoid wasting time at the beginning.

4. Love of beef jerky, hatred of tomatoes.

5. Amber Answers- ability to provide a plausible explanation for ANYTHING and make you believe it.

6. Ability to navigate the drive from Crestline to the school like no other.

7. To the point – for example, she had no problem pointing out that C30 smelled everytime she walked into it.

8. Ability to "juggle" kids – literally using her arms and legs to hold four children all at the same time, but also making sure to spend time with each individual child.

 9. She never has an unkind word and stays positive in just about any situation.

10. Stops and takes a picture, then handles whatever situation has arisen.

We love and admire Amber and wish her the best on her birthday and throughout the year.
      – Karen, Megha, Sarah, Bill

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