Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Visitor and Other Random Pics

Fresh out of the hospital and back to normal. My little Jaker-oni.

The day he got home he was already cruising the neighborhood.

Heather reading books to the kiddos.
Anthony, Heather, Jake, Michael, and Mommy

Jaileigh was taking pictures.

My birthday dinner was grilled hamburgers. Yummy!

HUGE bite!

Anthony being a goof.

My camera shy Jake.


He loves to smile for the camera.

This one loves the camera too!

Anthony just kissed Heather. I was trying to catch it but was too slow.

He was so funny.

Another kiss.

Jaileigh Addison

Michael was so happy to find a sucker!

Fist bumps! He looks so studly in his outfit. Two collared shirts and khakis.

I HAD to have a princess cake, according to my children. Daddy did a great job.

Annie was sleeping otherwise these would have been a perfect family picture.

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