Monday, November 7, 2011

Humility and Gratitude

This past 3 weeks has been so humbling for me. We have had so many doctor appointments to try and figure out what is going on with Michael. XRay's, Labs, urgent cares, doctors, Ultrasounds, and more doctors. Thursday I took all the kids in for flu shots and for Annie's 15-18 month well baby check up.

Michael is now eating and sleeping normally. His totally weight loss for the 3 weeks was 4 pounds. For a 37 lb kid that is a lot of weight to lose in such a short amount of time! We finally were able to see the GI specialist and figured out what was going on. Anthony and Jakob both got the stomach flu, followed by a cough. Jaileigh, Annie, and Michael didn't get it, or so we thought. Michael did in fact get it. The virus attacked his lymph nodes lining his intestinal linings. The inflamed lymph nodes were causing all of his pain. Every time he would eat and his intestines would contract he would be in severe pain. Dr. Berry said that this is common in people with allergies. He said it goes away in 3-4 weeks on its own. We are into the whole thing 3 weeks now and Michael is 98% better. He still has the dark circles under his eyes and is still down a few pounds. I am so grateful for answers!

Friday Michael and I met with Dr. Berry and learned all of this. When we got home at 3:30 pm our friends, Bill and Gina, were there to babysit the crew so that Mike and I could go out to dinner to celebrate my soon to be birthday. We left about 4 pm. I snuck out the front door and Mike went out the garage. Annie knew I was missing within seconds and ran screaming to the door. I grabbed her, she was still in her PJ's, grabbed some clothes out of the suburban and off we went. We enjoyed a nice dinner with one child. We ran into a store after dinner and Annie pooped. We went out to the car and I changed Annie but did not have a diaper, only wipes. We decided to head home. I never go anywhere without diapers so this was very strange! We had only been gone an hour but both felt we needed to just head home.

When we got there the kids were having so much fun. Bill and Gina had all kinds of crafts going on, cookies had been made, and everyone was grinning from ear to ear. Jake ran over to me and gave me a hug. I noticed that he was burning hot. I quickly gave him some Tylenol at 5:10ish and tried to take his temperature. My battery chose right then to die on my thermometer. Jake sat down with Gina on the couch. She was rubbing his head and I was sitting in the rocking chair talking to her. I noticed that he was twitching his eye brows. I said that was weird and then realized he wasn't "normal". He was having a seizure.  We called 911. Mike wanted to take him in, I wanted to wait for the ambulance. Jake stopped breathing, Bill started CPR and Jake immediately started breathing again. This has to be the worst most traumatizing thing that has every happened to me. It was horrible to watch my little baby not in control of himself, "not there". My heart hurts just thinking about it. I don't know how I remained calm but I did. I immediately requested that Bill and Mike give him a priesthood blessing and felt that calming Spirit take over.

Once the paramedics arrived they let us know that he had suffered a febrile seizure, very common in young children. They requested his car seat and put him in it and put it on the gurney. We were taken to Loma Linda Murrieta, about a 5 minute ride away. I rode in the ambulance with him. Jake was stable but in a postictal state. He stayed in that state for several hours, which caused the nurses some concern. His nurse finally gave him some Ativan to calm him down. He was very upset, kept trying to pull his leads off, kept trying to bite his IV out, and was crying a strange cry. This postictal state was so hard for me to watch. Jake would look at me but it was like he was looking straight through me. I was trying to soothe him but it was almost like he didn't know me. Mike drove to the hospital to be with us. Thank goodness Bill and Gina were at our house! They were kind enough to stay with the kids until we got everything figured out.

Once they gave him the Ativan he fell asleep. The ER was trying to find a children's hospital to transport us to. We requested Loma Linda University Children's but they were full. We ended up going to RADY in San Diego. I ran home about 7:30 to put the other kids to bed and to grab some over night stuff for Jake. I got back to the hospital at 9:30ish and Jake had just woken up.  He and Mike were coloring pictures. Jake was scared and wanted to go home. It was so sad to see him so disoriented but I was so happy and grateful to see him back to normal. I brought him some things from home that helped him feel better. His blanket, monkey, iPad, books, and PJ's. I rode in the ambulance with him and held his hand the whole way. He fell asleep about halfway there. The drive took us 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was raining and the ambulance had to drive slowly. Mike went home and picked up Annie. She is still nursing and Mike and I thought it was better if I kept her with me. Mike dropped her off with me and then turned around and drove home again to take care of the other 3 munchkins.

A HUGE thank you to Bill and Gina for staying with the kids so long. I don't think they got home until 2 or 3 in the morning. This was Mike's first time staying alone with the kids. This was also the kids first time ever being separated from each other. I was so worried about how they would do without each other and with the family split. They were so good! The kids at home were worried about Jake but were okay when Mike told them he was at the doctor because he was sick.

Jake woke up when we got to the hospital. He was wide awake too. He and Annie were up from midnight until 3 am. Jake was talking 90 miles an hour. He had a million questions! He wasn't scared at all. He was loving his new bed that had all kinds of buttons to push. I think he was also loving the attention he was getting from mom. The two kiddos finally fell asleep at 3. We all slept in the bed together. I couldn't bring myself to leave his side and Annie wouldn't leave my other side. The resident doctor came in at 6:30 and checked on him. She came back at 7:30 and said she was sending him home but the attending doctor had to approve. The attending doctor never came and never came so I turned Jake and Annie loose on the room. The nurse was in there several times to explain to Jake that he couldn't raise the bed as high as it would go and stand on it to draw on the white board, or he wasn't allowed to climb on the chair to wash his hands and feet in the sink, etc, etc. I, of course, was standing right next to him and watching very closely so he wouldn't get hurt. We were tired of being there and wanted out! We were finally released around noon. Thank goodness!  No one knows why Jake got a fever. Maybe it was a reaction to the flu shot? He had every culture and test run and there wasn't any sign of infection or bacteria in his body. We have a follow up appointment with his pediatrician on Monday.

From this last 3 weeks I have learned so much. I feel so humbled. The Lord is truly watching out for my babies, I have always believed that but so much firmly now. So many miracles happened just on Friday that I KNOW that God is directly watching out for my children and my family. Several people were in the right places, and at the right times. Bill and Gina, for example, the paramedics were so sweet to me. One of the paramedics has a daughter that suffers from seizures. I was able to talk to her about everything and she assured me that everything was absolutely normal. Mike's counterpart for works' wife, is a nurse in the ER that we went to. She called and had everything set up for us when we got there. So many miracles took place! I could not even fathom denying our Saviors love for us. I am so grateful and humbled right now.

I have also learned the value of time. I looked at the clock so many times on Friday and Saturday. I remember that Jake's seizure started at 5:17, we were driving in the second ambulance at 10:16, 5:20 Jake's alarm went off because his pulse ox came off his finger, 6:40 the resident came in. Time always keeps going and never stops, slows down or is given back to us. We need to make good use of our time. I want to love on my babies even more. Make every moment, second, breath, hour, day, year count! I need to stop my housework and listen more! Nothing else matters but those you love!

I know that I am sounding repetitious but I am so grateful and humbled! 

Thankful for Michael's tummy being better. Thankful for Dr Berry and his answers. Thankful for Annie coming with us on our date so that she could poop. Thankful that I forgot to bring a diaper. Thankful for a husband that let me bring our baby on our date. Thankful for Bill and Gina. Thankful for two worthy priesthood holders. Thankful for coworkers that pull strings. Thankful for my beautiful, most perfect children. Thankful for paramedics and nurses who have compassion. Thankful for Nurse Amanda pulling strings so Annie could stay with us. Thankful for Jake's 90 million question because then I knew he was truly going to be okay. Thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Thankful for my Savior, Thankful for my family who was such a huge support! Thankful, thankful, thankful!


Jen said...

Wow! Praise God! I am so glad everyone is okay. I cannot imagine going through all that! Your kids are true miracles!

Sara Ann said...

Oh wow! That is scary, I am glad everything turned out okay!

Kimberly said...

isn't it amazing how those moments teach us so much and can change our lives forever! so thankful everything and everyone turned out ok.