Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Little Turkeys

Grandma, Grandpa, Rori and the dog (Taylor) came on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The kids were so excited! My kids love dogs until they get too close and then they are scared. They pray for Taylor everytime we say prayers as well as every relative and friend we have. I was very surprised when they wanted Grandma to bring her dog to our house. They talked about it all the time. It turned out the grandma's dogsitter couldn't watch her so Grandma got to bring her to our house. Oh boy! We had so much fun! Good thing our landlord doesn't allow pets, I have an excuse not to get a dog besides the one that I am just mean! My kids love Taylor!

Anthony, Jakob and Michael with Grandma, Rori and Taylor 

Grandpa and Jake

Michael and Grandma

Annie LOVES her grandpa. She always has like him, ever since she was a tiny baby. The have a special bond that I am sure will last forever.

My baby turkey.
Grandma brought turkey hats.

Aunty Rori being silly!

Grandpa getting loved on.

Poor grandpa getting jumped on.

I had to move the "dresser" because the kids thought it was so fun to jump off of. It is now in the entry way and sporting a new shade of stain.



Good night hugs and kisses.

Resting with Grandpa
Jake and Jaileigh

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