Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jake's Hospital Stay Documented In Photos

All of these were taken with my cell phone. I left the camera in Jaileighs back pack from when we were at the doctor appointment getting flu shots.

This was Annie on my birthday dinner date. She was so excited to be with Mike and I. You can tell from the look on her face she knows that she got away with something.

These pictures were taken November 5 at RADY children's hospital in San Diego.
Jake was happy to have Annie there, I think. It would have been so boring with just mom.

Nurse Amanda gave him this green spider ring.

He quickly learned how to control the bed. He is holding his leads in his right hand. He wouldn't let me take them off. I guess he thought they were cool.

As soon as he woke up he made me put on his tennis shoes because he wanted to go home. Then he found that there was a lot of buttons to push and things to get in to and he was okay staying there.

Annie found where the telephone was stored. She was quite angry when I moved it.

Then he discovered the white board. He figured out how to raise the bed up really high so that he could reach the marker and the white board.

He's showing Annie how to draw.

Now he's helping her draw.

He loved this marker. I think it would have ended up at our house if I hadn't have snuck it out of his pocket before we left.

There was a courtyard connected to our room so the nurse "encouraged" us to explore out there while she completed out discharge papers. Jake collected snails and put them in a big pile.

Even Annie helped. Here she is holding a snail too.

Annie didn't have any shoes, pajama bottoms, or a regular shirt. She wore Jake's hospital socks outside for awhile and pretty much ruined them. Then I let her play in her bare feet for awhile. She didn't care! Glad she isn't high maintenance like the other princess in our house.

I'm the BOSS!

Nurse Naomi brought orange ice cream!


Jake saved this little tiny container of granola from his breakfast and put it on his ice cream.

He's sharing with Annie. I can still hear his voice saying "Here you go baby." He calls Annie "baby" when he's being nice.

I'm FREE!!! He was so excited to see his siblings! They called when they got there and we went down and met them outside the hospital.
Jakob, Jaileigh, and Anthony's legs sticking out of the fountain. (Michael fell asleep in the car.)

I put Jake and Annie in the wheelchair to bring them out. They liked this.

As soon as we got home, Mike turned around and drove back to San Diego airport to pick up our friend Heather. She stayed with us Sat and Sunday and flew home Monday morning. It was so fun having her!

About 5 minutes after Mike left the door bell rang. I thought it was Mike, maybe he had forgot something. It was a deliver lady with a yummy gift basket from my family.

The kids thought that was the neatest basket! The dove right in and quickly divided it between them.
Takes after her mommy! I love Symphony candy bars too.

Jaileigh picked the dark chocolate candy bar. Blah!

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