Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harley Quilt

I had high hopes of blogging about my t-shirt quilt making process but I have failed. I did take a couple of pictures throughout the process but not near enough. Since it has been a couple of months since I made this I will just hurry and type out what I remember.

I used 39 t-shirts, mens size large and XL
Many yards of interfacing
1 shopping trip to walmart to buy interfacing and material for sashing and borders
2nd trip to wally world to buy more interfacing
trip to Costco to buy a King sized blanket for the back

I first cut off all the sleeves and necklines on the t-shirts, separated the fronts from the backs
Then I ironed on the interfacing.
I cut all the tshirts into 15x15 in squares (I used the fronts and backs of the t-shirts).
I laid them out in the order I wanted,
Cut the sashing into 2" strips
Decided I didn't know what I was doing with the sashing so I scrapped that idea and just sewed the blocks together.
Thought about calling Grandma Kolleen numerous times.
Had to unpick a whole row of blocks because they weren't lining up with the next row
Resewed and finally got all of the blocks sewn together. The interfacing made this heavy and hard to sew!
Cut out the border.
Pinned and sewed to blocks.
Pinned and sewed to backing.
Wrapped and gifted to dear hubby.

The t-shirts with the interfacing ironed on.

Cutting out the 15x15 squares in the playroom.

The cut and interfaces squares- ahhhh so beautiful!

Blocks sewn together.

98.5% finished quilt. I still need to tie it. Argh! One of these days I will do it. I promise this week!

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