Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Does All Our Money Go?

Mike and I were talking last night about where all our money goes. I know that the economy is bad but we really live a simple life and we seem to never have money. We sat down and figured out our budget and where the dough was disappearing to. It seems children are rather expensive. It costs us $500 a month just for diapers and milk. I think its time to start potty training! Maybe we should buy a cow too.

Mamma with 3 of her 5 little duckies
Jake, Jaileigh, and Anthony

The quaddies love "do-do's" or doughnuts. They like the little Hostess ones. We don't buy them very often because I like them too.
Jake and Michael eating so do-do's

More do-do pictures

Michael really likes them

Anthony telling Michael he is not sharing his do-do

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