Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bubbles Galore

We played with the coolest bubble blowers. I heard that they have them at the dollar store. We may have to go over and get some.

Jakob, Michael, and Jaileigh at the bubbles table

Michael and Jakob getting their bubbles loaded

Jaileigh is dipping her wand in the bubble pot

 Miss Enid showing Jaileigh how it works

Michael and Jaileigh

Jaileigh loved the bubbles!

Jake and his little wand

Anthony refused to get out of the swing. He waited in line a long time and was not going to give up his spot.  I kept asking him if he wanted to blow bubbles and he did NOT want to.

Michael was so busy. He kept running around trying out different activities. Here he is at the sand table.

Miss Enid with Jake and Jaileigh

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