Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Year Well Baby Visits

On August 1 I took Anthony, Michael, and Anndalyn in for their well baby visits. On August 4 I took Jaileigh and Jakob in. He wouldn't see all 5. He used to let me bring in the 4 together but I guess 5 is just too much. Of course they were all healthy and the Dr was very happy with how they are doing. Here are the latest stats on their growth.

Weight- 24.8 lbs 25th%
Height- 33 3/4 in 25th%

Weight- 28.0 lbs 50%
Height- 33 in 10%

Weight- 21 lbs
Height- 32 1/2 in
I didn't get her places on the growth chart. Hopefully she is finally on it. She hasn't been on it for weight yet.

Weight- 24.8 lbs 25%
Height- 33 in 10%

Weight- 14 lbs 100%+ (thriving is what the dr said, not fat)
Height- 24 in 90%

Here are a few random shots from around the yard and house.

The kids love their sand and water table. I'm not sure if I do. I have a love/hate relationship. I love how entertaining it is but I hate the mess.

Eating lunch at the picnic table.

Cute little bums!
Michael and Jaileigh- bum side
Jakob- face side

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