Thursday, August 26, 2010

Early Mornings!

Our kiddos get up pretty early, usually between 5 and 6. On Saturday we decided to go out to breakfast and then we went to the playground. The quaddies were very well behaved at breakfast despite not having high chairs or booster seats. I was very impressed. Since Saturday we have been going to the playground each morning before Mike goes to work and wearing the kids out a little. They love it.

Walking to the playground together.
 Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, and Jakob

I love this picture. Jake has turned into a sensitive soul. He turned around in this picture "mommy, mommy, mommy?"

Jakob, Jaileigh, and Anthony checking out the leaves



Look at this attitude~!


Daddy helping Anthony down the slide

Michael and Anthony


Anthony contemplating something

Michael did not want his picture taken. This was the best I could get.


Attempt 25 at trying to get everyone to face the same way and to smile. Notice that I am holding Michael down.
Jaileigh, Anthony, jakob, Mommy/Anndalyn, Michael

Jaileigh and Jake

Some more great facial expressions

Anthony Joseph

I love this picture! I just wish Jake was in it too.
Anthony, Jaileigh and Michael


More Michael  . . . . .and yes, I cleaned the toys with antibacterial wipes : )


Annie hanging out at the playground

Annie in her stroller this time

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The Cochran Crew said...

I NEED the 32 outfits! What brand, where from? That's Matt's baseball #! And 5-6 am HOLY COW, I look up to you even more!!! It's 8:39 here and mine are still in their cribs and they went down at 7:30 last night! They aren't all 4 asleep, but they're in their beds! Love your posts!