Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 3- Party 2

Our 2nd "real" birthday party was at the Dunkleys. They graciously planned and hosted the whole party. They served tacos with shredded beef, beans, rice, fresh fruit, yummy punch, and cake. Thank you so much for the wonderful party!

Lindy was one of our NICU nurses. She came to the birthday party with her husband. We were so excited to show her how big the quaddies have gotten and how well they are doing developmentally. Anthony was her special baby that she took care of. She saved his life quite a few times.

Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, Annie, Michael

Lindy with Annie and Michael. I told Lindy that Michael's nurse was going to get jealous.

Lindy and baby Anndalyn. When I delivered Annie we got to see Lindy again.

Grandpa and Annie.

Jaileigh working on the computer

Anthony trying to escape with the remote

Part of the party eating out by the pool. Bill and Gina. Tanyon and Grandpa

Michael in the pool with Rylee

Jaileigh and Blair

Sitting around the kiddie pool.
Rori, Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh, Emily, Michael, and Madison

Daddy and Anthony viewing the pool

Something funny is going on here.
Grandma and Sunny standing.
Grandpa, Rori, Amber (mom) and Annie

Bill, Kari, Gina, Tanyon and Parker

Jaileigh and Mommy getting ready to swim

Anthony in the pool. He was a little nervous. The last time he was in the pool he fell in and it really scared him. He is slowing warming up to the pool again. Hooray

Fun times!

Curly headed Jakob was so excited that he could open the doors at the Dunkley's. They have the lever door handles which makes it a lot easier for quads to open doors.

Mommy and Anthony

Our Aunty Karen playing with Jakob and Anthony

Cousin Sunny and Annie

Uncle Joe

Madison tackling Mike. Little Mike is in the background grinning.

Michael and his big piece of watermelon

My kids love the idea of dogs but are a little afraid of the real thing. Michael is trying to warm up to Jack.
Blair, Jack, Michael, and Kari

The beautiful and delicious birthday cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday"
Blair/Michael, Jaileigh/Rori, Anthony/Sunny, Jakob/Madison

Eating the cake, Yummy

Rylee, Blair, Michael, Rori, and Jaileigh

Our Aunty Karen. We love her!

Kari taking the quads for a ride  in the wagon

Jaileigh, Jake, and Anthony. Michael was being carried behind the wagon.

Thank you everyone for making our 2nd birthday such a special one!


The Cochran Crew said...

Loved the birthday posts!!!!! You always amaze me and the amount of pictures you remember to take. At the end of the day I always say, CRAP, I forgot to take pictures!!! Love sweet Annie's little rolls!!

Amber said...

You have to designate someone to photograph for you! That's how I get a lot of my pictures. Isn't Annie fat? I love it!

Four babies 4 us said...

Awesome pics! And chubby Annie has stolen my heart...What was left of it after your quads each took a piece.
Wish I could have been there!

Love you all,