Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey We're Having Fun Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea

Our neighbor, Dana, came home one fine Saturday morning with this awesome pool. She found it at an estate sale for $4. The kiddos love it! It has two seats in it and they love sitting on the seats. I guess they feel grown up.

**WARNING** There were so many cute pictures I had a hard time choosing just a few. This post has a lot of pictures.

Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, and Anthony in the pool for the first time. They are also wearing their swim suits from their aunts. Jaileigh is wearing her bikini from her Aunt Rori and the boys are wearing suits from Aunt Diana.

Anthony modeling his suit

Sweet Michael

Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, and Michael enjoying the pool

Jaileigh and Anthony


Annie watching from Mom's lap, wishing she could join in

Jake and Jaileigh hanging out

Sweet Michael again

Anthony can be sweet too

Jaileigh is usually quite the stinker

Michael runs so cute!

Jake taking a drink

Michael and Anthony

Anthony chatting with mommy

Michael running again

Anthony's turn with the hose

Anthony playing dress up with moms church shoes

Annie and Mommy

Daddy taking a dip too

Jaileigh posing for her picture

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