Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st Real Haircuts!

I said first REAL haircuts because all of the them had 1st haircuts in the NICU right after they were born. In there they all got their sides shaved for PICC and IV placement. It was so sad. Today was a little happier than that but it was still a little bittersweet. Only two of my big babies had hair long enough to cut, Jakey and Michael. I can't believe they are old enough for haircuts! I pretended to cut Anthony and Jaileigh's hair so they wouldn't feel left out. : )

This spectacular event has been documented well.  We took a lot of pictures and I am posting all of them.

Jake is waiting in anticipation. He's really not sure what he is waiting for but he is enjoying the other siblings yelling "UP" because they want to sit by him. He is further enjoying the fact that the other siblings are not getting UP.

You can see how frustrated Jaileigh and Anthony are that they are not UP on the table too.

1st cut.

"WHAT are you doing with those sharp things mommy?"

Michael- He must have known he was next.

The almost finished product.

Jake's hair was so out of control! He has curly hair and it could get pretty crazy. I was so afraid that when I cut it the curl would be gone. I was so happy to see that that didn't happen. He still has his curls. whoo hoo

Michael's before picture. His hair is sooooo long. It can't be styled and he always has wings.

They were both so well behaved during the whole process. I gave them a cup of water to play with and snipped away.

The final product. He was so cute and proud of himself.

Annie the Angel baby hung out with dad while mom did the haircuts. We couldn't leave her out.


Anonymous said...

With all those boys, you might think about investing in a hair trimmer! It's easy to use as you can choose different lengths. I'm always afraid I'm going to poke my active grandson with the scissors. I only have to use them to trim around his ears and a bit on his bangs. You did a nice job on their hair!

The Cochran Crew said...

Awesome job mommy!!!!! I disagree with Anon... Stay away from the clippers..... always use scissors! Scissors make tiny mistakes that are often cover-able-up-able.... clippers make for bald Gunners (I mean babies!)