Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So Excited For Pictures!

I love fall because we get to do pictures with Allie and it's almost Christmas! Last Wednesday we met with Allie at Prospect Park in Redlands. This was a new park for us. It was so beautiful and the light was gorgeous! I'm excited to see the pictures Allie's took! Here are a few I snapped with my camera.

Following the Pied Piper (Allie)
Annie, Anthony, Jakob, Michael and Jaileigh
Annie in the bamboo jungle.
The kids are getting sillier each year. Michael kept pretending he was modeling for GQ and Annie was being goofy too.
She kept pulling her headband over her eyes . Look at the light coming through the trues. It was gorgeous!
When we were done we met our friend Karen for dinner at Café Rio! What a fun day for all of us!

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Pietra said...

So cute! I'm brazilian girl and I always read your blog! I love u pictures and subtitles. Your children are beautiful!!