Thursday, October 30, 2014


Our church does a Trunk or Treat every year. I was in charge of it last year but not this year! It was so nice to just show up and enjoy! I'm sure you figured out that we picked a Harry Potter theme for Halloween. Every year at the trunk or treat there is a chili cook off and a costume costume. We were so excited to try for the group costume award. No chili cook off this year and no costume awards! We were so disappointed, sort of. The kids were bummed because they KNEW they would win. Funny kids!

Hermione Granger/Annie, Ron Weasley/Michael, Harry Potter/Jakob, Ginny Weasley/Jaileigh, Hagrid/Anthony
The only picture of Mike and I taken by Jakob.
Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange

Anthony and Jake in line for games.
The hay ride.
Jaileigh, Anthony and Annie
Jakob and Michael
Annie and Anthony
Michael told me he never got off the hay ride.
Crazy tractor driver! I thought one of the kids was going to fall off the tractor. He was wild!
Anthony at the petting zoo.
Jakob with some friends.

Crazy Farmer Jesperson driving the tractor.
Sister Trillo one of our missionaries from Delta, UT.
Jaileigh, Anthony and Annie
Sister Trillo and Sister Budiyono
Family picture in the photo booth with the missionaries.

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very nice party!