Sunday, October 19, 2014


I dropped off a load at the goodwill when I had the kids one day. It was awful! They were screaming at me because I was giving away ALL of their favorite things. Oh brother! I let them go inside the goodwill after I dropped our load. They had so much fun! They looked and touched, tried on, played with, made messes, socialized and no one even cared. Jake bought a brand new, unopened Lego set for $2. He and Anthony really, really wanted to buy this real bull whip. I made them ask their dad and he said NO! They hid it so no one else could buy it either.

Annie sat in this rocking chair ($59) the whole time and sang songs with her broken karaoke machine.  She had on this funny hat that had a black veil and a big purple flower on it. It was hilarious!

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