Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crafty Month

This has been such a crafty month. Somehow I got bit by the crafting bug! I made the kids Halloween costumes, sewed a couple of blankets, chalk painted some chairs, put together a magnetic calendar, made 2 sets of WICKED and SPOOKY Halloween blocks, made a Halloween bunting, and made a couple of mummies. Thank goodness my kids have been happy to play or to help me.

Both times I went to Lowes to get the wood for this I had little "helpers"! We don't have a saw at our house so I had to cut the pieces there! It took me forever and I was sweating up a storm. The 2nd time I was doing it Michael opened the emergency exit and the alarm went off.  Scared him quite a bit but the workers were very sweet to him.  They told him that was the quiet alarm, that there was a louder one and they were glad he didn't set that one off!

These two were my first set. I put the WICKED on my piano and gave the SPOOKY to my neighbor Susie. Then I was sad I didn't have a SPOOKY so I decided to make another set.
This took me awhile to put together.
The kids helping me hang the bunting. They were very helpful!
The hung bunting
Here is the SPOOKY I made for me.
The two mummies that Jaileigh and I made from scrap wood and cheesecloth.
The 2nd WICKED that I am sending to Rori.
Magnetic Calendar. Now I just have to make the other 11 months!
I got a wild hair and painted 2 of my chairs red to match the barstools I painted awhile ago.

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