Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Birthday Swim

The kids had a birthday party for one of their friends last weekend. It was so fun to play with all their school friends. They swam, snacked and ate cupcakes!
My 5 are right there lined up with Jake hiding in the back.

Anthony throwing in the torpedos and his friend Carmelo.
I love that Annie is "helping" her unwrap presents.
Ms Personality, right there in the middle!
Jaileigh is the 2nd from the left, Anthony is next to Annie, Michael is the 2nd from the right and Jakob is hiding in the back by the pillar.
Cupcake time! I made the cupcakes for the little minions! They disappeared in about 2 minutes!
The moms. We all met last year when our kids were in TK (transitional kindergarten)
me, Nikki, Natalie, Shannon, Leah

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