Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Harvest Festival

The Kindergarten classes had a Harvest Festival on October 17. I signed up to help face paint. Mike took Annie because we weren't supposed to have siblings come. Some of the other parents brought their other children so I called Mike and told him he could drop her off.  She had so much fun! There is a new principal at the school this year and she is not as nice as the other principal.  She is a rule stickler. Annie used to be able to come with me when I volunteered and now she can't. It was so fun for her to come and participate in school.  No more though.

Anthony getting a tiger from our friend Leah.
Jake wanted me to paint the Hulk.
Michael as a tiger.
Anthony the tiger.
Jaileigh had me paint a bee and a fish.
On the straw.
Annie, Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob and Anthony

I'm going to give our friend Kevin a shameless plug here.  All of the above pictures were from him.  He owns Scenes and Creations Photography here in Menifee. He is at all of the events here in Menifee and I mean ALL! He photographs them and sends people their pictures. He is amazing. If you are local here I would definitely refer you to him. Here is his website Scenes and Creations and here is his facebook Scenes and Creations If you remember the princess tea party pictures, he did those for me too. Thank you Kevin!
Close up of Jaileigh
Some random face painting I did.
This was the best! He wanted a penguin face.  Later his mom told me their last name is Waddles and they love penguins!

I did Katies cupcake on her hand. 
Annie got her face painted too. 

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