Saturday, October 18, 2014


We love Legos at our house! The kids will disappear and I will find one or more quietly playing at the Lego table. The Murrieta Library holds a Lego Club once a month. They have thousands and thousands of legos! They set them out in bins and let the kids play.

Annie and Jaileigh 
Jaileigh and this boy were chatting away.
Michael disappeared and we couldn't find him! The kids and I were all looking. We finally found him searching for Lego people, content in his own little world.
Annie would only build with pink and purple Legos.
Michael disappeared again. I found him at someone else's table, building away.
Annie's masterpiece.
Jakob and Anthony built a masterpiece together.
Jaileigh's princess masterpiece.
Michael's masterpiece.
The library displays their "artwork" in display cases until the next Lego Club meeting.

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