Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quick Trip

We went on a quick trip to St. George over the first weekend in October for the St. George Marathon. Our dad has been in charge of the last aide station (mile 25) in the marathon for about 25 years. All of us kids went home to help out this year. Not only that but my sister-in-law, Tia, ran the marathon.

The siblings with our dad.
Dad, Rori, me, Andy
Rori with our old neighbor, Anna.
The aid station.

Tia and Andy after she finished.
After she ran the marathon she came to help at the aid station! I was so amazed! I would have been dead! Gone home and soaked in my tub for the rest of the day. She was still up and going at it with us at the park that night. Tia you are amazing!
Mike chatting with Dr Nygaard, my parents neighbor.
The trip was so short I didn't get too many pictures. We left around 12:30 on Friday, got to St. George at 7:30pm. Stayed Saturday and got up at 3:00 am to go home Sunday morning.  Too short! Thanks to Rori I got a few cute pictures.
Anthony and Jaileigh
What more could a little boy want than his Grandpa, his dog and a good book to read. Jakob was in hog heaven!
Rori being crazy!
Rori and I trying to take selfies with my camera.
We finally got one of the kids to take it. Can't remember which one though.
Jakob didn't leave his Grandpa's side until he was forced to go to bed.
Grandma reading stories on the bed. I love this!

Grandpa is getting entertained while all the kids color pictures.
It was a short but memorable weekend! It was so fun to see everyone!

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