Saturday, December 28, 2013


Christmas morning was so much fun at our house. Each year seems to get better and better. The kids actually slept in this year. They NEVER sleep in! We actually had to send the girls upstairs to wake up Anthony and Jake around 7:00 because they were tired of waiting. Santa brought each of the kids 1-2 gifts and everyone slippers. The rest of the gifts were from mom and dad and the kids.

Jaileigh with her Ariel baby.
Annie with her baby.
Silly girls!
Look at this crazy hair!
Jaileigh holding up her new jewelry.
Michael found a horse in his stocking.
Jake trying on his new Batman slippers.
Jake couldn't believe Santa put an apple and orange in his stocking!
Annie really, really wanted a guitar!
The best thing we did this year was have the kids draw names to by gifts for. They each drew a name and then Mike and I took them shopping for their person. They got to pick out the gift for their person. It was so much fun to watch them and they loved having a secret! When they opened their gifts for each other they were so excited! This is Michael giving Jaileigh a hug for his present.
Annie looking cute.
Anthony with his Spiderman watch.
Cute of Jaileigh. . . .
Cute of Michael.
Anthony and Jakob
Michael got the travel edition of "Where's Waldo" and he was done opening presents. It was too cute. He sat down and looked at this book for a good 10 minutes before someone reminded him he had more presents to open.
Jake and Annie
The motorocycles were hidden in the kitchen. It took the kids a long time to find them but when they did it was wild!
This was the most excited kid of the bunch.
She jumped on a stood up!
After Annie stood, they all had to try it.
Standing on it without hands!
many, many more pictures to come! I went a little picture crazy!

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