Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Movies

Daddy gone day #7- Daddy came home on Monday evening. The kids were so excited to see him again. They really missed him.

The next day we went to the movie. This was the girls first time at the movie. We really wanted to go see Frozen but it was $75 for our family to go and our budget just doesn't support that. I don't know if my kids will ever see a new movie in the theater or will ever be able to fly on a plane. I guess with large families there are a few sacrifices that have to be made, especially when there is only one income coming in.

We watched Despicable Me 2.

Anthony and Jaileigh
Michael and Jakob
Michael had Tiki bear from kindergarten.
They all loved the movie. They were all in awe of how big the movie was and how loud it was. It was very fun. This was my first moie since Annie was born. Mike and I went to the movie right after she was born and I haven't had the chance to go back. Mike went with his friend a couple of months ago. I enjoyed it too!

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