Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our friends Bill and Gina usually come over on Christmas Eve but Gina was sick this year. They weren't able to make it down. We missed them but we were still able to have a little fun without them.

The kids and I delivered the rest of our Christmas goodies while daddy tinkered around on motorcycles with his friend in the friends' man cave stirring up the anger in this mama bear. When he finally decided to come home mom was mad, dinner was late and it was a bad start to Christmas Eve. Mom found it in her heart to eventually forgive (a little) and the evening carried on. We had shrimp, salmon and other yummies for dinner. We read the advent Christmas story and then opened our Christmas Eve presents. This year, thanks to a triplet moms idea, I put together a Christmas Eve box for the kids. They each received a new pair of jammies, one movie for the boys and one for the girls, a box of popcorn and hot chocolate. We watched the movies, ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate waiting for it to get late enough to head to bed.

Despite starting out wrong, the evening turned out well and we all had fun.

Jake reading the advent calendar.
I have a basket full of Christmas books that I leave out over the Christmas season. the kids love to get in it and read the books.
Michael and Jaileigh
Jaileigh showing off her new jammies.
Jake put his on right away.
Annie, Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony, Michael
I think Annie was hot!
We almost forgot to make Santa cookies. Anthony was my only helper.
Mom and Dad got the kids a motorcycle. Dad was trying to put the final touches on it.

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