Thursday, December 12, 2013

Busy Day!

Day 5 of Daddy being gone was super, super busy!

We had a very busy Saturday. We had a birthday party for Bill and Gina's grandbaby, Ryan.  Bill built the best shuttle for the kids to play in. We were late to the party because I was slow getting everyone ready. Then there was a rain storm that I drove through. When we got there it stopped raining so the kids could go outside for a little bit.

After the party we followed our annual tradition and stopped by Bass Pro Shop. The parking was horrendous! I told the kids we couldn't stop because there wasn't any parking and right then a spot opened up. Those kids must have been praying for a spot.
Picture with Mrs. Claus.
Michael wanted to know why she didn't look the Mrs Claus we saw last night. Mr Observant.
They loved looking at all the animals in the store. They didn't even notice that they missed out on Santa's workshop and sitting on Santa's lap.
Jake, Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie
I lost three kids within 5 minutes of being in there. Michael disappeared and I found him with Mrs. Claus. When Jake got lost during the summer I told them to find a police officer or a grandma and that is what he did. When I walked over to get him, Anthony and Jaileigh disappeared. They couldn't find me so they walked off somewhere. I was so scared! I was yelling for them and I could hear them yelling for me but I couldn't tell which direction it was coming from. I started praying really hard and then I saw them walking towards me, hand in hand. I was so proud of them for holding hands and staying together. Jaileigh told me that she decided that they should go back to the fish and wait for me to come find them. She was so smart! I think the two disappearances scared everyone and they all stuck close to me the rest of the visit.
Jake with cake residue around his mouth.
Annie was a little grouchy.
They were so tired!
Jake, Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony and Michael
Looking at the fish.
After Bass Pro I took them to Nordstroms Rack in the Ontario mall. Michael and Jaileigh's tennis shoes fell apart so we had to exchange them for new ones. That was quite the stop. All of them wanted new shoes and couldn't understand why they couldn't have new shoes too. Then I had to stop at Costco to do a return and I fed the kids dinner.
Our stake (church) has an annual Creche Christmas Celebration. It is Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. I decided to just get it out of the way so that I could relax on Sunday. We stopped on our way home and it was fabulous! The only thing missing this year was the dress up. Last year the kids were able to dress up as characters from the nativity but they didn't have that this year. They loved looking at all the nativities though. There were hundreds set up!
It was quite the day and we were all wore out by the end!

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