Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl 2012! Not too big of a deal for our house since the Bears didn't make it. Our friends invited us over for a party. We are so lucky to have friends that host parties, otherwise we would probably just be doing our own thing at home. If the Bears EVER are in the super bowl, we will have to throw a huge party. Mike will be so excited.


Annie Bananie

"I want to be by my Seester!"


He would not hold still for a picture!

Ali and Jaileigh

Gizzy making a funny face.


Jake and his baby blues

Daddy multi-tasking

Ali and Mike


Jaileigh and the triplets.

Anthony and Annie cooking.

Jaileigh, Aiden and Gizzy

Jake playing. Moments after this picture he went into destructo mode and took everything apart.

Thanks for having us over!

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