Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Hello Weekend!

Thursday the big brown truck dropped off a big box of clothes for Jaileigh and Annie. The kids think the fed ex and UPS trucks bring presents for them. When they see one they ask where their present is. This big box was from the Carlson quads. Thank you so much!

All the kids modeling some of the new clothes.

Friday morning we were supposed to leave for Las Vegas. I have been packed since Tuesday! We woke up early finished loading the RV and Mike went to gas up. I got a call from him asking me to come help him. He had run into a little problem, literally. He hit a pole with the RV. We had to call a tow truck to get the pole out of the RV. Mike was able to drive it home after that. We didn't end up going to Vegas. Instead we called the insurance, camped in our front yard and then took the RV in to the repair shop.

I made our Valentine breakfast since we were feeling better. Eggs in a basket or Frogs in a bucket. Whichever sounds better to you.






After breakfast they painted and played with markers. Annie doesn't believe in paper. She also doesn't think that markers need tips on them. She is constantly biting them off.


Jake loves art time.



Then they played "tractors". That is Jake in the pink shirt. He wore pink all day on Friday and Saturday.

Here is the damage. We were afraid they were going to total it but the estimator thinks it will definitely be fixed. We are praying he is right.

That evening we had a couple of families over for a BBQ. The 12 kids had a blast, as did the adults.

This little girl is a riot! She thinks that she is one of the big kids.
Andrew, Annie and Michael

Just a little numbers for ya- 3 families, 12 kids, 10 of them 3 and under, in 1 house and on 1 couch.

Don't think you can use the restroom in privacy at our house.
Good thing we don't have someone to teach them the "plop, plop, fizz fizz" song!!
Annie, Andrew, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob

She was a good sport.

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