Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pre-Op and Pre-Anesthesia Appointments

On Thursday Anthony had his Pre-op appointment with his surgeon and then his pre-anesthesia appointment. I was a little, I should say A LOT, annoyed with the whole process. His pre-op was at 9:45 and then his pre-anesthesia was at 2:00. I tried several times to get the appointments closer together but neither place was budging. I even tried the 5 kids 3 and under card but they just told me to call when I was done with my first appointment to see if they could fit me in earlier. We live an hour away from Loma Linda so I couldn't drive home and then drive back so we just found things to do in the break time.

I took the double stroller this time and it helped. It has the storage basket underneath and I can fit two kids in rather than 1.

Jaileigh was happy.

Jake kept climbing on the chairs like a monkey.

On the drive there Annie had to go potty. I had to pull off the freeway and she had to go potty in a bush because I forgot to put my potty chair back in the car. She didn't care but everyone else in the car wanted to do it too.

The boys playing the iPad. Notice their new hair-cuts. Jake wants his curls cut off so he can be like Michael. I told him NO WAY! Not yet. He hasn't mentioned it again but I really hope he forgets.
Jake, Michael, Anthony

After the first appointment we went to Loma Linda Market, a vegetarian health food store, got some grapes, bread and pretzels, went to Bakers for burgers and then went to a park for a picnic.

Jake found a squirrel and they were all mesmorized by it. We didn't stay at the park too long because they all had to go potty.

Our second appointment was exactly like the first appointment, to make sure Anthony was healthy and to caution me to KEEP him healthy. They also tested his hemoglobin for anemia. He was fine. I didn't get any pictures of this appointment because I was busy entertaining. They were so tired because it was way past naptime. Anthony's surgery is Monday morning (tomorrow). We check in at 6:00 and it's scheduled for 7:30. Mike will stay home with the other 4 munchkins. The surgery is expected to be short (30-60 min) and then we should be released in the afternoon sometime. I know it's a very simple surgery but please keep Anthony and our family in your prayers. Anthony had PDA{routine heart valve} surgery when he was born so there is the tiny extra risk that he could get infection at the surgery site, which is why he is having the surgery at the Children's Hospital rather than the outpatient center.  

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