Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tractors, So Many Tractors

We love tractors at our house. The kids get so excited when they talk about tractors too.

Daddy taking the kids for a spin around the neighbor hood. Michael is riding in the front with daddy. Jake, Jaileigh, Maleiya (neighbor), Anthony. {Annie was still napping.}

We finally fixed our green tractor. It needed a new battery and we finally splurged and bought one. This is now the fought over tractor. They all have to take turns, even Annie.

Circling around the "boy"

Annie now gets to drive the tractors. She isn't very good at steering yet but she's learning.

I love this picture of Michael. He is the happiest guy when we are outside. He just grins from ear to ear all the time.

Jake and Jaileigh



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