Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Fun Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures from Valentine's Day. I got too tired the other night to finish so decided to make this a double post.


My little Anthony Joseph

A week from Monday he will be going in for surgery to remove the cyst above his right eye. I'm getting nervous. He is excited to see the doctor with the red shoes again. Keep us in your prayers!

Princess Jaileigh

The boss!


He is a lefty! I have 3 lefties- Jaileigh, Jake and Michael. I keep thinking that they will outgrow it but they aren't. I don't know where their left-handedness came from because Mike and I are not lefties.


Valentine's three of the kids were a little sickly. Jaileigh, Anthony and Michael had the poops. You would never know it unless you were wiping their bums. They were pretty normal acting. Oh but they had the stinkiest toots!

Watching Nanny McPhee.
Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh, Michael


Here is a little conversation Jaileigh and I had.

Jaileigh- Mom, I got the poops.
Me- Yes, you do.
J-Do you have the poops?
Me- No
J- Michael got the poops too.
Me- yes he does.
J- Anthony got the poops?
Me- yes, Annie and Jake don't have the poops.
J- Oh. {long pause} Mom, who gave me the poops?
Me- I don't know, someone else who had the poops. Maybe someone at church or one of your friends.
J- Daddy got the poops?
M- I don't know maybe.
J- Yes he does. Daddy gave me the poops!

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