Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy Wednesday!

Wednesday we got up early so that I could get a little shopping done. We hit the farmers market and a couple of other stores.  Then we came home, the kids worked on the cars a little, drove the cars, tried on their "new" clothes from another quad family, ate lunch, and played with our friends.

The boys love to pretend they are working on their cars. They break into daddy's tool box and borrow his tools.


Anthony and his crazy outfit. The kids love to pick out their own clothes now. I am having a hard time with this because I like them to be matchy-matchy but I am letting go and letting them choose. Anthony loves this green shirt. We have 3 of them and he wears them if they are clean. He has also learned to roll his pants up. He just rolls them a little too high. He picked out his red santa socks too. I am sure we were quite the sight at the farmers market.

Jake refusing to smile.

The kids did this by themselves and then yelled at me to take their picture.

They wanted their picture taken here too. They are sitting in the box that their new clothes came in.
Annie, Jaileigh, Jake, Anthony and Michael

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