Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Camping

We were supposed to go to Park City this week but decided to not go. We were just there in June and we really couldn't afford to take another trip. We decided to stay at home and have fun. We are still going to my parents for Christmas.

This weekend we went camping. We left Thursday evening. It was raining and windy. The kids were so excited! They have been asking for a couple of weeks to go camping.

Jake playing in the cupboard.

Anthony playing in the cupboard.

Sweet Jaileigh

Michael reading a story.

It rained all night and when we woke up the next morning it wasn't raining but there were so many cool puddles to play in.

Michael treading carefully.

Jaileigh and Michael

Anthony letting Annie have some fun in the puddles too.



Jake stomping away in the water.

Jake and Jaileigh

The kids fought over who got to push Annie in her stroller. Anthony won this time.

Until she escaped.

Then he didn't have anyone to push!

These two are so cute together. They were holding hands all on their own.

Visiting Santa!
Jaileigh, Jake, Annie, Anthony, Michael

Annie ended up falling in the biggest puddle face first so our walk ended and we headed home.

What a happy group!

Eating smores- everytime we light the firepit I am so nervous someone is going to get burned or poke each other with their roasters. The kids have so much fun roasting their marshmellows. None of them even eat them. They just like to play with fire I guess.



Annie looking in the mirror at herself. She was being so cute.

The 2nd Day

I wanted to get a picture of all the kids on this old tree stump but only 2 1/2 would cooperate. Michael and Annie gave me smiles and Jaileigh wouldn't. Michael and Jake wouldn't even get on it for me.

Jaileigh jumping to daddy.

Annie, Jaileigh and Michael checking the ducks out.

Anthony was tired of walking I guess.

Annie riding the horse.

Anthony said he was riding Dumbo.








Jake running back from the lake. 

Big cheesy grin!

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